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Some Wordpress modifications are beyond simple CSS and HTML adjustments via the control panel. If you found yourself in that situation, I can help you tweak your existing Wordpress template by adding new features that are not available from the Wordpress control panel. Or I can help you find the right plugin to accomplish certain functionality.

Most Recent Projects Some I am currently working on (marked as WIP)

 WIP    DocAbout March 7th, 2016

Scott Llamas Studios is a Web App Icon Flash to HTML converstion I provided for Scott Llamas, and his indie Bay Area music recording studio. I have re-written the base Flash design by reworking all original effects and animations in HTML. It took about a couple days, and then few more to ensure multiple device compatibility. We also learned that MP3 auto-play is not possible to implement on iPhones, due to inherent (and intentional) design limitations of OSX.

Task: Web-app, account registration, log in, profiles.

 WIP    DocAbout July 1st, 2014

DocAbout is a Web App Icon web app I developed for John Horning. This website makes it easier to find doctors in your area for house calls or emergency. Doctors sign up for an account and make themselves available via a map display on the home page. Patients can make a reservation for someone who is currently in the area.

Task: Web-app, account registration, log in, profiles.

 WIP    LeonArt.com May 3th, 2014

LeonArt.com leonart.com asked me to build an art print gallery website with custom shopping cart software that helps visitors choose upgrades for the art prints. The customization bar allows the visitor to choose dimensions of the print, type of frame, and frame colors. Followed by check out through PayPal.

Task: Custom product shopping cart.

Bruno Escalante June 15th, 2014

Bruno Escalante brunoescalante.com is the home of professional boxer Bruno "Aloha Kid" Escalante. Christopher Ballard (Bruno's manager) contacted me to design a website with an introduction page, a picture gallery and a T-Shirt store. After sending back a couple of designs I was given approval, and the work has started! This website was a lot of fun to build.

Task: Custom web design, blog, shopping cart.

Boogoo Intellectual Property LLC April 7th, 2014

Boogoo LLC boogooip.com is an innovative start up company that asked me to have their current website professionally redesigned. Boogoo is on a mission to gather a number of creative inventors and have their work patented for use by companies who are looking for innovative ideas.

Task: Professional, simple design.

Kokolash.com March 9th, 2014

KokoLash kokolash.com homepage and its E-commerce store component are the designs I am currently working on for Jen, the owner of Kokolash. Kokolash is an international manufacturer and distributor of professional eyelash extentions, adhesives, application tools and after care products for the professional lash technician.

Task: New 10 page web design. PayPal E-commerce store installation.

 WIP    OpenGL Tutorials Website September 1st, 2003

FalloutSoftware.com OpenGL Light Tutorial is a personal tutorial website I have developed and recently upgraded to use with Tornado PHP framework. This site contains my 3D graphics work I've been doing since 2003, accompanied by a few tutorials. I guess it's always a work in progress, because I keep adding new tutorials.

Task: Tutorial blog/website.

Pantheon April 8th, 2014

Pantheon pantheondc.com is a home interior and exterior design and drafting company. I was given an existing logo and asked to design a prefessional looking layout around it. Unfortunately the client has chosen not to move forward with the project. However, I thought this was a really cool design, worthy of portfolio showcase.

Task: New professional web design with existing logo.

Joel Warren December 24th, 2013

Joel Warren joelwarrenphotography.com Hollywood production photographer Joel Warren contacted me to redo his old website and build a new photo gallery with interactive slideshow. The nature of the website suggested that pop up CSS dialogs be used for "about" and "contact" pages.

Task: Custom construction, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP.

Alameda Taxi February 7th, 2014

Alameda Cab alemeda-cab.com is Khan's taxi cab company. He contacted me on February 7th to begin construction of this website. A slideshow effect was used to decorate homepage and make it appear more active. I received direct instructions from Khan to use pictures of his cars with stock photography.

Task: New 3-page website design, Slideshow, Graphic design, SEO

San Francisco Pickle Company April 20th, 2014

Barbara of San Francisco Pickles sfpickleco.com has contacted me to create a professional web layout for their company and update their online store that stopped working for some reason. I've been also asked to update their shopping cart process along the way. In about two weeks their shopping cart is back online and you've got to check out their pickles because they are good! :)

Task: Custom web design. Shopping cart.

Liberty Barrett April 24th, 2014

Liberty Barrett libertybarrett.com is an independent film based on a screenplay by Steve Donohue and directed by Dusty Barrett. I've been contacted by them with a request to build a custom website that feels like an independent film presentation. It had to look professional and showcase production photography shots, have a Mailchimp newsletter subscription form and video gallery.

Task: Custom web design.

Daniel Brown September 1th, 2013

Paradigm Shift IG paradigmshiftig.com Daniel Brown has asked me to build a copy of a website layout he really liked, but using his own corporate colors, logo and content. His company is Paradigm Shift Investment Group based in Santa Rosa, CA.

Task: HTML, Web Design.

Wayne January 28th, 2014

Water Backflow waterbackflowtesters.com City of San Francisco is reliant on Wayne's Water Backflow Prevention company for protecting healthy drinking water from being contaminated. Wayne wanted to create an animation explaining how water backflow systems work. It had to be done in HTML5 to make sure it works on iPhone and Mac-based computers.

Task: HTML, JavaScript Animation.

Other Website Examples

I don't use web templates and design everything from scratch by writing HTML code. Then I work out the custom parts of the design and add advanced features, such as database search, blog functionality, comments etc.

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Have a simple website? No problem. Below is a list of small to medium size websites I have designed in the past. Most of them are quite simple but it's exactly what some of the people on Craig'slist have requested. Not everyone has a large budget to spend and I'm willing to work with whatever you have. If you have a website that is simple, I am here to help.

You can reach me by phone if you have an immediate task to complete. Most design jobs take one to two weeks. If you have prepared materials upfront (and ready to send them in to me via email) it will greatly reduce the time it takes to finish building your website.

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